Where do I get a membership application?
Applications can be downloaded from this website and also may be picked up at the Springfield Township building located at 50 Powell Road.

Where do I return my membership application?
Applications can be mailed to Springfield Twp., 50 Powell Road, Springfield, PA 19064. They also can be dropped off at the pool office during scheduled pool hours.

Do I need to purchase a bond?

What do I need to prove residency?
PA photo ID and Springfield Township Tax Bill.

Is your baby pool fenced in?

Do you have a snack bar?

Can I host a birthday party at the pool?
Yes. Please email the Snack Shop Manger for more information snackshop@springfielddelco.org.

Do you have a swim team?

Is alcohol permitted?

My daughter's family is living with me for the summer, can I put them on my membership?
SCC Pool Membership is open to full time residents of Springfield Township. They can join as a sponsored member.

How do I join as a Sponsored Member?
Persons residing outside of Springfield Township who wish to join to the pool may do so by being sponsored by a Springfield Township Resident who is also a pool member.

How many families can I sponsor?
Springfield Township resident pool members may sponsor one (1) family per pool season.

When are sponsor applications available?
Sponsor applications are available May 1st and accessible in the pool office during pool office hours.

May I bring a guest to the pool?
Guests are permitted entrance to the pool when accompanied by an SCC Pool member. Guest fees are to be paid at the entrance gate and member must be present for the duration of the guest's visit.

How old do you need to be to sign in a guest?
SCC Pool member must at least 13 years of age to sign in a guest.

Do I need a membership card to enter the pool?
Entrance to the pool is permitted by scanning of membership card. Members without a membership card will be required to purchase a new card at the cost of $5.

Can I add my babysitter to my pool application?
Persons on your pool application must be immediate family members residing full time in your household in Springfield Township.

Who can be included on my pool membership application?
Immediate family members residing full time in your home.

NO GLASS containers allowed on pool grounds.

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